NGT holds ‘Amravati’ to be the best available site for capital city of State of Andhra Pradesh

National Green Tribunal: While picking a one of a kind application nearby a group of offers, a three section situate including Swatanter Kumar, J. (Chairman), Raghavendra S. Rathore, J (Judicial Member), and Bikram Singh, Expert Member; ruled for the plan of another capital city for the State of Andhra Pradesh holding that no favored site over the present one was facilitated record of the Tribunal.


The hopeful summoned the domain of the Tribunal under Section 14(1) of the National Green Tribunal Act, 2010 to draw in its thought with respect to the plan of State of A.P. to produce a Green Field New Capital, ‘Amravati’, as it speaks to an honest to goodness threat to the earth and a tremendous people. In this way, the applicant searched for the course against the State of A.P. in addition, A.P. Capital Region Development Authority not to grasp any developmental activities, including urbanization or raising establishment on conduit surge plain, wetland and productive agricultural grounds which are a bit of the stream catchment domain.

The Tribunal dealt with each one of the debates raised for the advantage of the hopefuls in its extensively distinct 145-pages judgment. The Tribunal investigated the material on record, ace appraisals, disseminated articles, the ace leading body of trustees reports, government files, et cetera to pass an inside and out pondered judgment.

The going with segment includes a part of the issues related to characteristic points of view, as struggled by the competitor; and the Tribunal’s response/feeling on the same.

  1. Surge Plains: The applicants have hoped to fight that the capital city is slanted to flooding from stream Krishna.

The Tribunal inspected the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Report and found that as there is no flooding from conduit Krishna in capital city zone as a result of the essence of dams/bunds, thusly the proposed capital city can’t be said to be arranged inside surge fields.

  1. Dams: Applicant combat that since there is a number of dams on stream Krishna, the proposed city should not be arranged in the domain as in the terrible events of dams breaking; these districts would be horribly affected.

Held, the contention was hypothetical. The measures of useful headway were clung to by melding certain striking features in the pivotal technique. They were planned to take water to the delegated zone, for instance, stadiums, stop, entries and to prevent submersion of key foundations, private and business domains.

  1. Wetlands and water bodies: Applicant exhibited that the wetlands in the district ought to be guaranteed.

Held, the capital city is discovered 60 to 78 km a long way from the float and everything thought of it as doesn’t go under the shoreline front territory. An alternate course of action of stormwater drain has been orchestrated keeping in mind the end goal to go without mixing it with wastewater. All the water bodies in the city will have a green support zone.

  1. Rich Agriculture arrives: The competitors have furthermore raised the issue that as the capital city domain has rich plant arrives, the State Government should come back to picking such locale for the capital.

Held, wanders have been done to give reliable wellspring of water which will realize critical augmentation in the plant productivity in the State. The State will similarly figure out how to procure additional land under cultivation, which is an on-going and a relentless technique.

  1. The undertaking is arranged in a significantly dirtied area: Applicant fought that the assignment zone was extremely polluted.

Held, the City would include an organized arrangement of open transport structure with trails and cycle tracks along each one of the lanes in the City. The Project Proponent proposes simply green and clean ventures in the City which would not have adversarial impact broadcasting live quality.

Thus, the Tribunal held that there was no favored site over the present one decided for the improvement of the capital city. In any case, the Tribunal moreover opined that the proposed site should be worked in consonance with models of sensible change. Thusly, the Tribunal composed that at the uncommonly starting period of headway, the State and the endeavor promoter may give upon due unmistakable confirmation of the goals for setting up/building STPs, metropolitan solid waste, landfill and organization districts and such other open utilities and the advancement thereof should start prior and in any case in the meantime with the change of the wander.

As necessities are, with above orientation to the respondents, the application and the interests were disposed of. [Pandalaneni Srimannarayana v. Area of A.P., 2017 SCC OnLine NGT 775, mastermind dated 17.11.2017]

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