The Only On-Page SEO Checklist You Would Ever Need

The Only On-Page SEO Checklist You Would Ever Need

Wondering what all should be included in your next SEO project? Go through the detailed checklist below that would let you know about all the major on page SEO checklist factors 2018.

SEO Plugin

By setting up an SEO plugin for your CMS, you would get the chance to edit, write and easily setup content for your website. All in one SEO Pack or Yoast Plugin are good choices.

Indulge in Keyword Research

By spending adequate time for keyword research related to your content, you would be able to ensure that your site ranks really well in the organic search results.

Include Keywords in Title and Description

Another essential SEO factor that needs to be considered is inserting the keywords into the description as well as the title. The title must be kept between 50-60 characters while the Meta description should be between 150-160 characters.

Optimizing the Header

The header tags must be set as H1 as that can efficiently improve the ranking of your site. The H1 tag can however only be used once but you can use H2 to H6 tags according to what you feel would be appropriate.

Content Optimization

The content on your site must be of good quality, fresh, useful for the readers, relevant to your site and be of at least 300-500 words so as to rank better.

Clean and SEO-friendly URL’s

URL’s aren’t as big a SEO checklist factor but URL’s that are SEO friendly can affect CTR. At times the user may read a URL so as to decide whether to click on it or not. Dashes must be used in URL’s as underscores do not necessarily separate the words.

Maintain Keyword Density

The percentage of keywords that you use in a web page as compared to the total number of words in the web page determines the keyword density. The ideal density should be about 1-3%. Keywords can be used in permalink, headings, Meta description and title, image name, as anchor text and at the beginning and end of the article.  

Maintain Text/HTML Ratio

The HTML to text ratio to the total amount of text present in a web page as compared to the HTML code on that we page. The ideal ratio is approximately between 25 to 70%. It might not be a direct factor for ranking but there are several factors related to it that can have an effect on it. You can consult a SEO company London to do this for you.

Use Grammar Checker

Grammarly is the perfect option whose extension can be added onto chrome. This would check your content and enhance the clarity of your content so that you can present the meaning of your content.

Avoid duplicate content

It is important to ensure that your content doesn’t exist somewhere else on the web. Tools like Copyscape or Plagiarism software can be used to check that on a regular basis.

Optimize the Image

By optimizing your logo and images, your site would be able to rank better. Use alter and title tags.

URL Rewrite

Check that all your non-www pages redirect to www.

Google Analytics

Set up Google Analytics and connect it to your site so as to track and get report of the site traffic.

Page Speed

The speed of your web pages also is a considerable factor when it comes to search engine raking. A slow loading page means that the search engine spiders would crawl on fewer pages within a certain time period and that can have a negative effect on conversions.


By implementing robots.txt, it would be able to give instructions to robots as to how to crawl and index pages from the site.

WebMaster Tools

Webmaster tools like Bing Webmaster tool and Search Console aid in checking the status of site indexing and thereby optimize the visibility of the site.

Mobile Rendering

Most of the smartphone users (approximately 57%) are bound to leave your site if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds. 30% would in fact not make a purchase if the cart hasn’t been optimized for the mobile. Therefore, you should focus on making your site mobile friendly that also offers exciting SEO benefits. You could utilize the mobile friendly test by Google to find out if our site is mobile friendly or not.

Other than all of the above, do an auditing of your site and you would be good to go. You could consider hiring excellent companies like DubSEO to take care of all this for you.