Organic Ways to Take Care of your Hair

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Shiny healthy hairs are a dream of every person. We spent lots of time and money to fulfill this dream but, even then we find our hairs lacking that charm. Well, you must have tried many expensive hair products like shampoos and conditioners to achieve that look. Still, getting strong and dandruff free hairs have remained a dream only.

It’s practical that no one can transform this long-lived dream into a reality by just using a bottle of some expensive product. Come on; it isn’t that much easy. Are you wondering how your friend got those silky hairs then? Yes, it is possible to get them but, through regular care, natural ways and correct diet.

It’s time to know about all those secret ways to make your hairs look stunning and healthy just like your friend. (Or even better than her!)

Focus on Cleanliness:

The first step starts with personal hygiene. You need to keep your hairs clean in order to get rid of itchy scalp and dandruff. Wash your hairs twice or thrice in the week to make your scalp clean. Don’t miss this no matter how packed up your schedule is.

Avoid Hot Water:

We know that everyone likes to go for hot showers in winters. But, you should know that hot water affects your hairs badly. The hotness of water takes away protective oils from your hairs which makes them dry and brittle. Hence, take mildly hot water to wash your hairs. Wash your body with proper hot water in case of feeling cold.

Don’t Wash your Hairs too frequently:

It’s good to keep up with the hygiene but doesn’t be too conscious about it. Washing your hairs daily can damage them as it strips away the natural oils. Wash your hairs within 2-3 days to regain their luster.

Egg Treatment:

Apart from being beneficial for our diet, eggs also play an important role in making our hairs healthy. You can use egg for conditioning your hairs. Take ½ cup of egg mixture and apply it on damp hairs. Rinse it after 20 minutes with cold water. You have to repeat the process at least once in a week to get the desired results. For dry and brittle hairs, use egg white instead of the entire egg mixture. This will surely help in making your hairs smooth and silky. (Just like Rapunzel!)

A Magical Mixture for Shiny Soft Hairs:

Do you want to shine like a star but; your hairs are not cooperating with you? Here we go with the solution! Take one cup of your regular conditioner and mix it up properly with 2-3 tablespoons of honey. Apply on the wet hairs and leave it for 30 minutes to see the magic. This mixture closes your hair’s cuticles and provides them with a natural shine.

For Bouncy Hairs:

The hairs should totally match with your pleasant personality. If you want them to bounce and stand out just like you then, follow the instructions. Mix mildly warm water with apple cider vinegar in one to one proportion. Apply it and rinse after 5 minutes to get rid of apple cider vinegar smell. Repeat it regularly for better results.

Make your Own Conditioner:

Ditch all the hair products and become your own stylist. After all, you know your hairs more than anyone else. Make your own protein-rich conditioner for maintaining the health of your hairs. Mix yogurt with eggs and rub on your scalp. Wash it off within 5 to 10 minutes for the desired outcome. Repeat every time while washing hairs and notice the change!

Choose Oil to get Strong Hairs:

Choose almond oil over the costly hair serums to treat dry and damaged hairs. Heat the oil for a minute before applying. Mix properly into the roots of hairs and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse normally with your regular shampoo. Hot oil therapy will cure your hairs faster than any other treatment. Contact any skin doctor in Delhi if your hairs are very much damaged. Sometimes skin diseases are the real cause of hair damage which should be treated immediately.

Swim with Hair Protection:

We know that you like those pool parties and won’t leave a chance to beat the heat by swimming. You should know that the chemicals present in pool water can severely damage your hairs. So, don’t forget about your hairs in the excitement of the pool party. Apply some regular conditioner on your hairs before jumping in the pool to prevent the hair damage. The conditioner works as a barrier between your hairs and pool water.

Say ‘No’ to Tight Hairs:

Hairs tend to break more when you tie them too tightly. You should avoid such tight hairs styles. Avoid using tight bands as they break brittle hairs every time you remove them. Use loose bands, otherwise go for clips.

Treat Sun Damaged Hairs:

Ever felt like your hairs are heating badly due to sunlight? Just like your skin, the UV rays of sun also affect your hairs. However, many people are unaware of this fact and leave the damage untreated.

You should treat your hairs after coming from direct sunlight. Mix ½ cup of honey with 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1-2 tablespoons of egg yolk. Now apply the mixture on your hairs and rinse with warm water after 20 minutes. This will strengthen your hairs’ Keratin protein bond. Consult any skin doctor in Delhi in case of severe hair damage due to sunlight.

Proper Combing Technique:

The best method of combing your hairs is to start brushing from the ends to remove tangles and then go for roots to ends length. Choose wooden bristle comb over the plastic bristle combs to prevent hair breakage.

So, follow these tips to get shiny soft and long hairs. Remember that, you need to be patient as no technique will give you results in a day. Take regular care of your hairs to make them perfect!