Pastor Chris and Subjects for Comedians

pastor chris

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome functions as the G.O. (General Overseer) of a celebrated church in Africa. This church is known by many throughout the continent as Believers Love World or even Christ Embassy International. He is considered by many in Africa to be a Man of God who is both passionate and enthusiastic. That’s the reason he discusses so many relevant current subjects on a regular basis. He routinely discusses issues that are pertinent to Christian people. He frequently talks about topics that are relevant to human beings on this planet in general. People listen carefully to all of the things he has to say as well.


Pastor Chris isn’t too happy with comedians who are based in Nigeria these days. He actually isn’t too happy about the concept of comedians in general. He specifically is frustrated with comedians who make pastors or Men of God part of their material. He doesn’t think that it’s a good idea for comedians to ever pen jokes that involve pastors. That’s the reason he’s made the decision to speak directly to them. He has given comedians of the region words that may serve as deterrents to them in the future.

pastor chris

Pastor Chris talked about comedians and pastors in-jokes on the weekend in the middle of a routine gathering located at his church. He clarified one major thing as well. He told everyone that the words that were coming out of his mouth involving jokes and pastors were not 100 percent his own. They were actually straight from the thoughts and requests of God. Eben was at the helm of the praise and worship components of the gathering. A pastor called Deola was in charge of the gathering’s prayer part, too.


Pastor Chris was motivated by the actions of the Holy Spirit. He responded to a variety of questions that came his way as well. All of this was part of a comprehensive conversation session. He told comedians that they should never ever even think for a second about making jokes that talk about Men of God. He thinks that comedians who make these types of jokes are in for unfortunate futures. Pastor Chris thinks that comedians who think that it’s a good option to use pastors in-jokes will never have satisfying and fulfilling destinies.


This individual is totally serious about jokes and comedians. He thinks that comedians who frequently joke about pastors should be on the lookout for misfortune. He thinks that joking about pastors makes them markedly more susceptible to unpleasant and rather comedic circumstances themselves. He says that these jokes make them more susceptible to lives that are dramatically minimized in all sorts of ways. People who encounter comedians who have joked about pastors are going to be extremely confused as well. They’re going to want to ask these comedians about their identities. They’re going to want to ask them about the overall effects of their existences, too.


Pastor Chris believes that God takes tangible action anytime he wishes to bring on issues in a problematic individual’s life. He pits these problematic individuals against designated prophets. This pastor doesn’t doubt that life is indeed full of funny and hilarious things. He also believes that pastors are far from lighthearted.


This is a person who is constantly looking for ways to share his opinions and thoughts with the rest of the planet. He loves to share his deepest beliefs with people who prioritize Christianity. He loves to do so with human beings in general. That’s the reason he’s so candid about topics such as divorce, life and the human condition overall.