The place of history in the new era


History, they say, is the propaganda of the winner. And rightly so, when what is now gained is used as a criterion of historical analysis. The story as it is written today is the product of a single story or the appearance of a winner competing between multiple stories. Dictators are aware of this, and so every leader in the olden days has a historian who can tell his own story. It is still in practice today.


The true meaning of the word lies in the word itself, which is reduced to the shortening of two words: its history. How often have diets highlighted fake history? Can we really distort the story? If the story is fake, then it literally does not tell its story, but propaganda. That’s why Africans today suffer from the evils of a single story. And history holds that the Adolf Hitler regime is insensitive, while the Revisionists are trying to make up for the story of the last winners of World War II.

Will it be possible on this basis to record public events correctly without distortion? The answer is a clear yes. But even in this case, the story depends on the personality of the cashier.

This kind of story is about telling the story by looking at the uncut video of evolving events. Includes those with high media skills. To explain this, it is necessary to say something about the activities of the media. These people are called open portals, through which the highest radiation reaches the environment. Therefore, a medium ideally just opens up as a channel.

They can only see things that match their spiritual maturity. By spiritual maturity we mean that a medium can not look beyond the plane of the ether in which it can end when it passes by. Some psychics can only see astral things, while others see things as ethereal. Only a few can see spiritual things. Some people only see things in the lower and darker regions that can be found in most African physicians or higher etheric regions, as the activities of some so-called supermedia generators of the Western world can describe. His vision is based on the fact that most things that happen on Earth first come to the afterlife before they arrive on Earth. The time that elapsed before their manifestation depends on the extent to which the action is recorded. Sometimes what is seen can manifest physically in a weakened form.