QuickBooks Banking Error 155: What it is and How to Resolve it


QuickBooks is one of the most well-known and highly used accounting software that can handle many tasks such as payroll services, stock, managing employee records, and more such details. As it relates to various financial and accounting facilities, linking at least one bank account to this software means a big help.

It may be important for some users to connect their QB software to their bank to facilitate streamlined financial transactions. Saving your card details makes the process more convenient. This is why a problem like QuickBooks Banking Error 155 can be a major setback for users.

This is one of the most commonly occurring problems, usually because our systems are not allowed to gain access to bank servers. This is similar to the issue that is caused by the multi-factor authentication type of accounts. Here, you will get more information about the 155 errors and suggestions on how to solve it. If you need any help regarding QuickBooks related problems, you can contact us on our QuickBooks Online Support phone number.

Reasons why users encounter QuickBooks banking error 155

Before we proceed to the steps to solve the 155 error, it is necessary that we understand the reasons behind it. they include:-


  • Bank server has some problems
  • When the bank changes its name and the server does not update the same, it leads to an error.
  • Internet connection trouble.
  • Data corruption and corruption are also two major causes of banking problems.


While these are common causes, there may be other reasons. But now let’s go ahead and understand the steps to solve the problem completely.

Multiple solutions to get rid of QuickBooks banking error 155

Here are the four most effective ways to correct a 155 error. You may find that this problem is similar to QuickBooks error 179, but the solutions to the two problems are different. Please read all the steps carefully to ensure the best results.


Fix # 1- Opt for manual updates

  • Start by clicking on the banking right after opening the QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Now, click on the update option.
  • Choose that account that you need to update.
  • Type Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA) credentials and then click Continue


# 2- Keep in mind the correct time of update

  • Just sign in to your accounting software and click on the banking option available on the left.
  • In this step, you have to click on the update button.
  • Open and view the last update section and then note the exact time and date and time of the update.


# 3- Fix, import and upload your bank transactions

  • To solve QuickBooks banking error 155, login to your bank’s website and download the transaction.
  • After downloading, choose a specific date that is earlier than 90 days.
  • Now, choose QuickBooks Supported File from the options displayed on the screen.
  • Then, open your QuickBooks accounting software, go to banking after the update and click on manually upload transactions.
  • Read the guidelines given to complete the whole process.


Fix # 4 – Adjust Internet Security and Firewall Settings

  • First, you need to open the QuickBooks main window.
  • Then, select Settings and find the program for which you want to change the permission.
  • Make changes and adjustments to firewall settings.


In this, blog you can find the solution for your problem on how to resolve QuickBooks Banking Error 155. I hope my all information is useful. You can also call us at QuickBooks Support phone number and share your queries or concerns with our experts. Our expert team is always available to provide useful help and assistance.