Quiet Valley National Park In Kerala: Where The Wild Roam Free

Home to creatures as uncommon as the Nilgiri Tahr and Lion Tailed Macaques and in addition the greenest of evergreen woods ever, the Silent Valley National Park in Kerala is among the most loved biodiversity center points for nature darlings and untamed life fan. Once inside the timberland region by means of the primary passageway of Sairandhri, you’ll be presented to amazingly thick and wild wildernesses where the most endemic of fauna prowl untamed and the most dauntless of undertakings anticipate.

Need a relief from the messiness and confusion of your city? Go to this last undisturbed woodland tract of the Western Ghats that keeps on wearing the crown of nature’s most stunning spaces down south.

Topography: Rectangular fit as a fiddle; High height levels of Nilgiris; High ceaseless edges like Sispara Peak at 2,206 m above ocean level; Slopes and fields with sporadic edges; Blackish and marginally acidic soils; Evergreen backwoods; Granite rocks; Kunthipuzha River

Best Time To Visit Silent Valley National Park


Despite the fact that Silent Valley is a year-round goal, one should visit amongst December and April for the most agreeable climate conditions and high odds of untamed life sightings. The normal temperature in Silent Valley stays around 21°C (69.8 °F)

One must observe that Silent Valley changes with the season. What you encounter here in the Summers will vary fantastically from what you experience in the sumptuously beautiful Monsoons. Along these lines, one must make a point to get ready and pack as per the occasional change of this place.

The beginning of Summers in Silent Valley is from April and it remains till May. The recreation center is typically dry and warm amid this time, with burning warmth toward the evening. Loads of creatures can be seen out around in the open, more often than not close water sources where they crowd up to drink water. Summer season is a perfect time to visit the Silent Valley National Park to spot creatures with their offsprings out in the open, alongside different uncommon winged animals of the area. Also, much the same as any other area in Tamil Nadu, this place too gets occasional showers from time to time in the generally dry and warm atmosphere of the locale.

Winters in Silent Valley National Park

January and February are the winters a very long time in the recreation center which is set apart by fog secured pinnacles of the high slopes, thick grasses and hedges, wet and sloppy trails, and a cool and dry atmosphere all through, making this stop one of best places to visit in winter in India. It’s anything but difficult to spot huge creatures like elephants amid this time, while the little ones request tolerance! On the off chance that locating untamed life or going on daring safaris isn’t some tea, you can just appreciate a languid night at your resort in the woods around a comfortable campfire.

Storms in Silent Valley National Park

The atmosphere of Silent Valley is prevailed by overwhelming precipitation attributable to the southwest rainstorm winds. Storms in this district more often than not begins in June and remains till December, particularly in the high elevation areas of the recreation center. The normal precipitation it gets is somewhere close to 2,800 mm to 3,400 mm consistently. The showers make the trails slushy and hard to tread or drive on.

Creature locating excessively turns out to be greatly restricted as the fauna right now likes to remain in their natural surroundings where it’s drier and hotter! However, Monsoon in Silent Valley isn’t too awful. It carries with itself a wonderful atmosphere, green foliage all around, and crisp environment, making it a perfect place to visit for nature darlings and trekkers who cherish challenges

Noiseless Valley National Park Timings

The Silent Valley woodland opens at around 6:45 AM toward the beginning of the day and stays open for vacationers till around 2:45 PM toward the evening. The recreation center is open for voyagers on all days aside from Friday.

Noiseless Valley National Park Safari Timings

The recreation center is open for all wandering inside for a safari ride from 8 AM to 5 PM (the vehicles need to return most recent by 5 PM). One can wander inside the recreation center zone in various availabilities according to their benefit and be remembering the recreation center timings.

Perfect Duration Of A Trip To Silent Valley National Park

A length of 1 night and 2 days is adequate for an excursion to Silent Valley, inside which, one can investigate the whole stop in a span of around 5 hours. This revels enjoying every significant movement like natural life safari, creature, and winged animal locating, and going to the real attractions inside the haven.

Nature aficionados and untamed life picture takers can acquire unique consents from the timberland experts in the event that they require to set out on an exceptionally guided visit inside the ensured areas of the woods for a nearer involvement with the extensive variety of widely varied vegetation in the recreation center.

Greenery Of Silent Valley National Park

The recreation center is home to an extensive variety of plants, creatures, and feathered creature species. One can spot around 50 to 80% of these inside the recreation center amid a visit to this woods in the perfect season.


The recreation center is overwhelmed by Evergreen woodlands. Other than these, plants like Orchids, Ferns, Liverworts, Lichens, Algae, Grasses, Legumes, Rubiaceae, Asters, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Beans, Rice, and 110 plant types of significance in Ayurvedic pharmaceutical develop richly in Silent Valley woodland zone.


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