Raising the Rent Suggestions by Estate Agents in Walton on Thames


When you are a tenant the first thing that you are worried about is the rent. The same anxiety is can be experienced by the landlord as well. They both are concerned about the right rent, raise or decrease it or to leave the whole idea.
But sometimes it is unavoidable to raise the rent. So as a landlord what can you do? The best way is to ask advice from Estate agents in Walton on Thames. As the estate agent is talented and has the ability to seek new ways to help both the landlords and the tenants. So it is constructive to have his opinion.


Arguments to Raise the Rent:
When the landlords are increasing the rent rate, they have lots of arguments for raising the rent. Although it is not an easy job and you have to spend lots of money but the end result is fruitful and satisfying. There are many reasons to raise the rent such as;
Improve the Life Style:
Keeping up with the needs of the new age can be very difficult especially when you want to meet the expectations of the fashionable tenants. So it is necessary that you upgrade the house with new and improved technology so you can argue about raising the rent.
Managing the Repairs:
At times the landlords demand an increase in the rent to do repairs in the house. Installing various types of cooling, heating and security systems, repairing any damage to the property and improving the overall look of the house are a few important repairs that can be made.
Increase in Taxes:
The economy all across the globe and especially in the UK has hiked in recent years. This is the main reason why taxes have been raised to boost the economy and this explains why the landlords are demanding that there must be an increment in the rent.
Environmental Changes:
As the climate of the whole world is changing, preparing for it is vital. Placing an extra system of cooling and heating will strengthen the house. Other factors like enhancement of the neighbourhood are also important to note.
Keepupwith the Competition:
New and latest houses are been developed and introduced in the market. This gives rise to competition as people prefer to buy new houses rather than old ones. So to improve the look of your house, you need to raise the rent and use that extra money to revamp the residential building.
Availability of Wealthy Tenants:
When companies expand their business all around the world, they send their trained and best employees to these countries so that they can handle everything there. Or many wealthy people decide to rent a place to live. This means that these people will pay any rent demanded a place which is up to their demands.
Yooodle is one of the finest in the UK that is helping landlords in making important decisions like; how to raise the rent, suggestion on improvements and whether to increase or not.
Suggestions by Estate agents in Walton on Thames:
The estate agents can give you very interesting suggestions on how to increase the rent of your residential property. Several of these are as followed;
Spruce-up and Repaint:
If the house you want to offer as a rental was built 5 or more years ago then it should be repainted to give a new and improved look. Also, you need to clear any excess items to make space for new things or simply to accommodate another room.
Improve the Bathroom and Kitchen:
Latest plumbing equipment can be installed in the bathroom to replace the old ones. Or the kitchen can be equipped with appliances that can upgrade the living standards. People like living in houses that are in accordance with modern times.
Add New Floorings:
Replace the old flooring with state of the art designs. You can lay out wooden, tiled and marble floorings or can put carpets in different places to coverup the damaged floor. You can also be creative and use all the material at once to create your own unique design
Raise the Storage Capacity:
You can also increase the capacity of the storage which can be beneficial when you want to add an additional room to put on rent. The loft can be converted into a makeshift room by taking out all the excess stuff and selling it or you can install closets to organize everything.
Upgrade the Windows and Doors for Security:
As soon as you upgrade the security system in your house, you can demand more rent arguing that the house is equipped with the latest alarming setup. Or the doors and windows have the most recent technology of security to ensure the safety of the tenants.
Increase an En-suit:
Many of the old houses in the UK do not have it but adding one can increase the value as most people prefer to have privacy. So you can have a room with an attached bath, in this way you can demand more rent.
There can be now no mistake in making the right choice for improvement that would help you in increasing the rent and definitely Estate agents in Walton on Thames will help you, the landlords all the way through.

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