How to Sell Your iPhone When Its Repair Can Cost You Price Of New Mobile?


If like many iPhone users, you have discovered that the iPhone stops working due to a sudden fall and now having some malfunction such as a smashed screen, faulty battery, water damage, or something like that. It would definitely be a heart-breaking moment. The decision whether to send an iPhone off to an authorized repair center or simply buy a new one can put the wallet somewhere between a rock and a hard place. This article provides the best alternatives and tips if you are seeking a perfect solution for your damaged iPhone.


iPhone Broken? Consider iPhone Repair or Buy a New One…..  

If you find yourself with a damaged iPhone, here is what happens normally. The screen might break when it slips from your hand and hits on the ground; you might drop it in the swimming pool, toilet, bathtub, or kitchen sink; or the battery might just start draining more speedily than you’d like. Don’t fret in all such situations! You can get your iPhone back to its working order if you contact one of the professional iPhone repair centers.

Hence, you may get shocked at the price they are quoted when you ask the AppleCare+ Centre to fix your iPhone. Normally, the water damage and broken screen are not covered under the warranty offered by Apple at the time of purchase. This is the reason most of the time iPhone repair can cost you the price of a new phone while you thinking about restoring your iPhone in a working state.

If you are not ready to go for an expensive iPhone repair then you can consider buying a new mobile phone. However, now the question is that what you would do with your old broken iPhone after the replacement it with a new one. Don’t put it in a drawer/ cupboard or throw it away in a bin as a junk. You would truly happy to know that even broken iPhone has some worth and you can convert it into cash by selling it. Wow, it’s great, right?? Yes absolutely! You can you can sell it without meeting some Craigslist stranger in a restaurant or without paying some selling fees on the auction websites like eBay. You can simply approach one of the Mobile phone recycling comparison websites to sell your handset.

Before knowing how to sell your iPhone, you must take a look at what benefits you can get by selling a broken iPhone.

Sell iPhone to Mobile Phone Recycling Companies- The Smart Option to Choose For a Broken iPhone

Selling a broken iPhone is beneficial in so many ways, some of them are below:

The first and most obvious benefit you can reap is the money that you get in exchange for your iPhone. If you are planning on making a financial investment in the latest model then the best way to have some pocket cash to spend on it is to sell your old damaged iPhone. This will cut the cost of the newer model by a substantial amount.

Another benefit that comes from selling broken iPhone is that you can contribute to preserving the environment. When you sell it to a recycling company, you follow the “reuse and recycle” mantra. Mobile phone recycling companies buy your old or broken iPhones of any model and recycle them to be reused in a functioning phone, actively minimizing the damage to the environment. If you end up your faulty iPhone in the landfill, it will release chemicals into the air because iPhones are composed of various dangerous substances such as lead, chromium, beryllium, cadmium, mercury and much more. Consequently, mobile phone recycling is a need of today’s scenario.

Find Out Where to Sell Your iPhone For Cash

Depending on the condition of your iPhone, you’ve got a few simple options to get cash in exchange for the handset. You can use a recycling site like SellSmartForCash, Fonebank, iPhone Recycler, Top Dollar Mobile, Lloyds Mobile Phone Recycling to put your broken iPhone for sale in the UK. All you need to do is to search for your iPhone model on any of the above-mentioned websites. By doing so, you will get a quote for your device. If you agree with their offered price then you will have to mail your device to their address via free postage service. Once they receive and verify the condition of your phone, you will receive your money soon via cheque or bank transfer.

It’s important to take into consideration that the prices are different from one to another recycler. It’s advised you should compare top mobile recycling websites so that you can earn the most money in order to sell your iPhone. If you browse each recycling website on your own and check out their offerings and terms and condition, it will absolutely take a lot of money and energy. Then why not use a mobile phone comparison website to make a quick and fair comparison of recycling websites.

Compare Mobile Phone Recycling Websites Using Comparison Websites

Mobile phone recycling comparison websites are a great way for you to sell your iPhone online and get a great return on your trade. These sites feature some of the most reputable recycling websites that aim to pay you the best ever price for your iPhone either it’s working or damaged. With the help of an advanced comparison tool, these sites work like a search engine, compare the listed recycling websites, and provide you the topmost deals available within few clicks. Then, you are free to choose any top deal that suits you. In this way, comparison sites not only help you draw the most money for your iPhone but also save you time and hassle.

How to Sell an iPhone Using a Comparison Website?

Comparison websites have made mobile phone recycling easier than ever before. With a few clicks, you can compare the top deals and get the right one. Here’s a simple selling procedure of a top-rate comparison website like SellTheMobile:

  1. Search for your iPhone model by entering the phone details into the top search box or simply select your device model from the listed products.
  2. Once you do this, a list of top recycling websites with their recent offerings will be presented on the screen to choose from.
  3. Pick up the topmost recommended deal! Send your device off to the recycler’s location and get paid your earnings soon.