10 Must Read Social Media Marketing Blogs for 2018

Social Media Marketing

This is the era of social media where you will see continuous changes every day, every moment. Changes took place in certain fields such as the development and the updates. The way information is received is parallel to the revolutionizing the way you work. You will find abundant information on cyberspace related to the social media. Yet you may be confused for other ways of finding help regarding social media. You may also search for best social media blogs.

Social Media Marketing

For instance, you may have gone through SocialNicole where there is a vast variety of resources which keep you updated about trends and happening in social media marketing. Once you visit over there, you will see a long list. This list comprises of all necessary information that you may require remaining up to date. In this article, we have clipped that long list in form of just 10 blogs. They are highly recommended for those who took interest in social media marketing. They are a perfect blend of general and business blogs What Happens When You Block Someone on Snapchat?:

  1. social media Examiner

It is the perfect place for newbies to get aware of different social media sites. Social Media Examiner guides you about latest trends and latest news or any new posts on social media channels.

  1. Buffer Social

Once you visit this blog, believe me, you will become their keen fan. It plays a role of backbone in social media tool arsenal at SocialNicole Digital. They mainly focus on teaching content marketing.in simple words, you can say that it is a complete package of useful tips, great advice, and various strategies that can help you to succeed in your business in terms of social media marketing.

  1. Marketing Tech Blog

It is closely related to the world of social media and ever-changing technology. It will teach you about how social media and technology work together to give the most effective results in field or marketing.

  1. Sprout Social

It is the most useful tool used at SocialNicole Digital on daily basis. Their blogs contain plenty of advice and updates of social media, the tactic of brand building and so on. What people recommend is their research work that sounds highly informative. So, may have to find out more than one sources to confirm the validity of the data but if you have Sprout Social, you will get rid of extra efforts.

  1. Hubspot

This majestic blog is known for their all-in-one marketing software. Do you dream about marketing automation? Now it’s time to make your dreams true. Majorly they do not offer such products for everyone, yet they focus on content marketing very well. They have precious ideas regarding cutting edges of social media and relevant to content marketing. Both will be easily available over there. It is observable that they also contain guides, white paper, and resources which are free of cost.  

  1. Mashable

His hypnotic blog offers a vast variety of news, celebrity gossip hence everything related to social media updates. You can say that it is the perfect blend of science, information, technology, for example, What is Snapchat entertainment and so on. You may not be able to find as much information about technology as “mashable” will provide you. It has linked two worlds of technology and social media marketing very efficiently.

  1. Socialnomics

The about page of Socialnomics.com is significantly important. It shows that this blog was originated from Erik Qualman’s which the most selling book of the same title. Their mission is to keep you in-the-know about the buzz of tech and latest biz. It is a package of 4S, that is surprises, statistics, stories, and studies. Their audience has been reached up to 25 million and still, they are growing at a fast pace. hence it is worth enough to be read.

  1. TechCrunch

It is among the largest international news site that ranges from startups to apps and whatsoever comes in the path. They have specifically made a category for social media and they update it several times a day so that they can add the latest social media news.

  1. Social Media Today

Social Media Today proposes the solution to your confusion regarding social media. They are closely linked with Twitter, content marketing, Facebook and Pinterest. All you need to do is to go through their blogs for once you will not need to read any other blog. The posts in the blog belong to the diverse backgrounds so that they can even bring many expertise and perspectives.

  1. Inc.com

Last but not the least, this blog contains a serious approach to the magazines just like TechCrunch. It offers the diverse range of business-based topics and the most important one is the entrepreneurial advice. They also suggest stellar social media strategies. So, don’t miss it, it is an excellent choice.