Some great Tools to create animated videos

If you’re running a business and you’re using animated videos as a part of your marketing strategy than it is safe to assume that you already know how great of an impact it actually has on your returns. Animated videos are the most interactive way of marketing available. Most businesses use them to boost their sales and earn greater revenues.

Looking for a video animation Production company makes perfect sense when talking about making animated videos for your business. The reason being that they normally have the required experience, expertise and technology to create videos that will result in great output when talking about sales figures.

According to different reports online it is observed that more than 90 percent of the viewers view such videos on their smart phones and then share it with others. And over 70 percent of the professional marketers claim that video animation is probably the most powerful way of making an impression in the consumer’s minds.

There are three basic types of animations, the first one is traditional animations, second one is stop-motion animation and the third one is computer animation.

Animation is a very complicated job and before computers were invented imagine how huge of a hassle it must have been. After technology advancements animation processes have become much easier than before.

If you’re someone who prefers making your own animated videos or someone who is willing to try it then there are many tools that can help you out in this.

PowToon: PowToon is one the easiest tool to use when making animated videos. This user friendly tool helps businesses and individuals animators to make professional animated videos in just a matter of a few minutes. One can create impressive and attention grabbing videos using this amazing tool. This app provides vibrant and attractive animated designs that can always be customized to an organization’s needs. PowToon also offers an option to create animated videos for free.

Animatron: This, yet again, is another great tool that allows beginners to master animation art very quickly and also in a professional manner. It basically offers two platforms, the first one is the Animatron Studio that basically helps in making effective explainer videos  and the second one is known as Html5 which is used to create social creation of videos which are designed to be shared on multiple platforms. According to the CEO of Animatron is a very user friendly and powerful animated video maker online that helps its users to make amazing animations and videos in the browser itself.

Renderforest: Renderforest is a very good tool to make great animated videos, logo animations, explainer videos for businesses and slideshows. This is a completely free platform for its users and can help in producing high quality videos which are designed in a very engaging way to promote the company and its products. They also provide many customizable templates which enable businesses to tailor their presentations, event invites and promotional videos in the most efficient and effective manner.

Explee: This is also one of the best tools to use when talking about video animations. The Explee application enables its users to make great animated videos which are designed to engage audiences in the best way possible. This is a cloud based app and can be used on your personal computers, laptops and even smartphones making it very easy for the users to have access. Different businesses can create different animated content such as videos and presentations with their teams. Explee is not a free app, the price plans for the use of this amazing tool starts from $ 25 per month.

There are many other great tools which provide more or less the same features as the one’s mentioned above. Many professional animated companies also use tools like these to create engaging content for their clients for marketing purposes. The use of video animations in marketing is expected only to grow in the future years as its one of the most powerful and cost effective ways for businesses all over the world to engage their customers, educate them regarding their products and also for creating powerful brand images in the customer’s minds.