Stay Connected via News Apps on both Apple and Android Devices

At one time to attain the news that you were interested used to require quite an amount of effort to acquire it. Whereas this has all changed today thanks to the much advanced and tech-savvy era where you can easily attain your desirable news via a smartphone app extremely easily with few simple taps. Though there are several ways to stay in tacked of the news now may it be any category of news. This is an incredible medium for all those that are in search to enhance their knowledge based on current affairs and advance exposures a news app is ideal help for them.

Since they are a wide range with variant features to each of the new app. This article comprises of the best news apps that are available on both iOS and Android systems. Quite recently even I read an amazing abstract on a news app that was written on How to Create an App like Netflix not only was I able to enhance general knowledge but also was provided to a creative aspect on how to create an appeal for an app. A major reason why I decided to search for the most popular and prominent news apps so that more and more people gain knowledge through these easily accessible news apps.

The industry is loaded with numerous news apps. So it brings us to an interesting point of which is the most convenient and suitable app for your preference. Well, this article comprises of the most trending news apps but after reading each person can pick and choose whichever app is most suited for them and is their favorite. From the list certainly, you will find a newsworthy companion app that would best work out for you. A good news app is all you need to stay in tuned with all the accurate and trending news that is going on locally and internationally.

  1. Google News

Google is the recent replacement of the Google Play Newsstand. The google news app is certainly every bit as smooth and polished as the users would expect it to be. Google can attain news from all over the world so it most likely that you will be able to find all your favorite publications and even sites. The app has a built-in feature through which it is able to provide you with the important stories of the day or then the user can simply tap on “Full Coverage” to gain everything without Google’s curation. The app also allows you to download or save a certain story that you would indulge in later. Google News also has an in-built recommendation system that Google promises to improve in times to come.

  1. Microsoft News

The Microsoft News which was previously known as the MSN News. The Microsoft News offers an easier to use and lightweight manner that allows the user to quickly get the news that they want. As the user opens it for the first time it will require the user to select a few topics of their interest even though you can change the selection at any time. This is done so that as you open the app in the main window would show the news that you would relate with quicker though you can even scroll between various topics at the top of the screen that will allow the user to switch purely towards the local news to update regards what’s going on near you.  The app has appeal themes also from which the user can choose a light or dark theme.

  1. AP Mobile

AP Stands for Associated Press this app provides every news covers from all around the world. The app is able to present such an incredible amount of resources as it has a large dedicated team of reporters that entirely focus on covering every manner of trending topics that can be covered regularly. The service’s companion app is free of any of the usual glitz and glams or any other news services that are offered. The AP Mobile app is best for all those who enjoy facts with useful and reliable resources.

  1. The New York Times

The New York Times app is arguably one of the world’s most popular new source. As the app is everything a user would be looking for in a news app from offline reading, breaking news, social media sharing and lots more though it has few other unique features that aren’t found in any other news app. The New York Times app has options such as audio and video both but the prime most forward-thinking addition is the adaption of AR. Though it is expensive to attain full access to the app. It is provided with a price of $15 that gives unlimited access to every article or for $130 an access to every article is given for the entire year.