Steps to creating an app like Uber


Creating an app, in general, requires a certain amount of research. Nowadays, in the time we’re living, we literally have an app for everything we can imagine. From ordering food at affordable prices to getting tips on maintaining health and fitness we have everything just a tap away in our smartphones.

Ever wonder how most of these apps got created in the first place? How did the developers even come up with such brilliant ideas? Well, have you ever heard the phrase “need is the mother of invention”? Many of the most useful and hit apps and even other products were results of people trying to solve their problems. Anything that can help a human being solve a problem will definitely be a hit, provided the right amount of marketing and advertising is done for the app’s awareness. You can’t expect people to buy or use something that they don’t know exists, can you?

Now, talking specifically about Uber. What was it really that made Uber into the giant and successful business that we see today? They tapped into the problem of people’s computing needs. Nobody prefers taking public transport to work on a rainy day or even a normal day, for that matter. People want to feel comfortable while traveling. And if they can afford it then why wouldn’t they go for it? There were cab services available but for calling a cab you had to call the cab company and then explain to them the location and then there was always the risk of the cab not getting you to your destination on time. Also, you had no idea of who the driver will be so there was always a safety risk involved.

Uber-like app development made it possible for the general public to commute in their daily lives at very reasonable rates with special attention to the privacy and security of the customer. You can see who is coming to pick you up, in what car and how much time it will take to arrive. Also, it tells you how much it might cost you depending on your drop off location.

There are some simple steps that a developer can use to develop an app like Uber:

Choosing a perfect app design: Paying special attention on User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design your app that is both user friendly and helps makes people’s lives easier by catering to their most important needs, in this case you can integrate mobile payment features which can make it easy for the customer and the driver both to pay and receive payments, respectively. You can also put in features like tracking your ride and also keep in mind the needs of the drivers by giving them an option for accepting and/or rejecting the ride. After all, you need to take care of all the users using your app. We will talk about the features in more detail in the next step.


Choosing and incorporating your preferred features: In this step, you need to make a list of and add all the preferred features that you want to see in the app while using it. There’s a list of around seven features that should be present in the app:

  • Registration or Sign up: You need to add a signup or registration feature in the app for your drivers and your customers both. This will help both drivers and customers to register directly using their smartphones.
  • Ride Tracker: The app should offer this tracking feature so that the customer can track where their ride is, at the time of booking and how much time will it take to arrive.
  • Location setting: The app needs to let its users set their pick up and drop off locations.
  • Ride category: The app should provide its customers with the option of what category of service they are looking for, depending on the price they are willing to pay.
  • Review and rating: The option of passenger feedback is a must at the time of reaching their destination. This makes the drivers stay careful about the level of service they are providing.
  • Payment methods: The app should offer its customers to make payments through debit cards, credit cards, and cash. They can choose according to their convenience and discretion.
  • Booking history: This feature will enable the customer to track all his/her previous rides and the number of payments they made for each ride and all the other necessary details are recorded in this option.


The final step would be to officially launch your app on either the app store or Google play store or both.