Stunning Practical ways to Grow Instagram followers


Instagram is much more than Facebook, Twitter or some other social stage followed nowadays. Instagram is increasing its popularity among the youth and adults so much. The stage is experiencing its brilliant age.


Regardless of whether you’re developing your very own Instagram account or just working for the sake of an organization, a large number of following enable you to grow much and help in getting a genuine and appropriate audience for your account. Having more Instagram followers and likes leads to more sales for your business. It helps you get maximum engagement and views on your post. It builds a strong gathering of followers for you and your brand. Be that as it may, have you ever wondered that how on the earth do a few people have a huge number of Instagram followers?

In the event that you are searching for thoughts to boost your Instagram account and use this platform like no other, follow the following strategies to grow your Instagram followers.


Best Ways to Grow Instagram Followers

Post Constantly

A study shows that the frequency of posting a poet on Instagram influences followers’ engagement, growth and commitment rate. According to them, the more regularly you post, the more followers and likes you get, which is true. As per the research and analysis says, a profile that posts at least seven times each week or you can say once every day, get a larger number of likes and achieve more followers quickly than those that post less habitually.

Also, you can double your followers’ count by posting from one post a day to two posts a day. It means as soon as you increase the post rate, followers’ rate will also increase gradually.

Also getting your posts viewed and showing up at the top of the timeline, all depends on the IG algorithm. On the off chance that you share your posts consistently or on an on-going basis and the result of which you are getting higher engagement, at that point, Instagram’s algorithm may put your posts at the top of the follower’s feed.

Theme for Photos

Once you start posting constantly, individuals will automatically begin to see your username and may look at your Instagram account. Generally, people say that creating a theme for your photos on Instagram truly helps for your Instagram account and follow that theme only. Once you stick to your theme it would be easy for you to post because you would be knowing what to post and it became easy for your followers to recognize you. Adopting a theme avoid confusion and let you focus in one direction.

Use Quality Hashtags

Hashtags are seen on every social networking channel and blogs, however, it looks like that no other place has that much importance of hashtag as much as it has on Instagram. The use of correct hashtags can reveal your brand image to a vast audience. As hashtags became so popular that you can follow a hashtag now.

Moreover, the posts that have both hashtags and location tag get to have the possibility of getting highest engagement on that post and by this way you can get maximum fast followers growth. Where a total number of only 30 hashtags are allowed on Instagram, a study shows that a total of 7-9 hashtags are sufficient to get maximum engagement.

You can also create your own hashtag and recommend others to make a use of your hashtag too. Try to make it different and unique. When individuals begin using your hashtag, at that point you can repost pictures from your followers giving them full credit that they deserve.

Approach to Collaborate

One more way to grow your Instagram followers is to work together as a team with others. This collaboration can either be done via partnership or sponsorship. With the help of this collaboration, you both will be ready to offer some benefit to your own followers and connect with other new followers too.

On the off chance that you have a good financial budget for social networking sponsorships, at that point, influencer advertising may be appropriate for you.

Organize a Contest

In the event that you have something that you really want to give, have a go at running a contest. A giveaway is a fantastic method to grow your followers’ list, raising brand awareness, an increase in engagement and so on. Before running a contest, ensure you pick one objective and stick to it. For a challenge to run easily, you have to think about a few things like finding correct hashtags, getting along with the right theme, choosing what to give that means the prize, promoting this giveaway challenge and at last choosing a winner. This will work as a booster for your account and many other people will visit your account to see what you have in the box.

Final words

Just follow all these strategies to see your followers count going up. Never stop working hard and try to build interest and curiosity of your followers.