Sunshine lives up to SPF assertion? And it is a cream that works for the test


Do not offer the most expensive sunscreen SPF in a test of the major brands for its alleged brand, according to an independent investigation.

Avon 10 £ + Sun Multi Moisturizing Protection Sun Milk SPF 30 is the only product, SPF test (sun protection factor).

Avon’s suncream was the only one to fail the Which? SPF test

Thirteen other products from international brands such as Hawaiian Tropic and Nivea and top brands of street stores including Morrisons and Superdrug has adopted the UK SPF standard and UVA tests.

The cheapest sunscreen to pass the exam, was £ 2.79 Lacura Suncare spray SPF30 200ml from Aldi.

The sun protection compositions tested are designed to protect against both types of UV rays, UVA and UVB rays.

Can increase the risk of skin cancer even though UVB is the main cause of sunburn and UVA has been two types associated with premature aging of the skin.

What? Also reiterated a warning to consumers to avoid, products once a day after tests on four last year found the average decrease in SPF after six to eight hours was 74 percent – meaning an SPF30 product Hypothetical would fall on SPF8,

Price of Sun cream

He raised concerns that the use of data is not mandatory on sunscreen products in the UK, where on the contrary, a “period after the opening of” logo used.

Found a YouGov survey this week that half of the British could wear the sunscreen itself without UV protection by out-of-the-day products.

The survey found that among those who use sunscreen, nearly one in five using sunscreen knowingly expired, while another 33 percent potentially use unknowingly by never checking expiration date.

Which? warned people against using once-a-day creams

What? Editor of Richard Headland magazine said: “Sunscreens are an important part of sun safety, so it is important to choose a product that you can rely on.

“It is disappointing that although most sunscreens pass our test, not the presumed level of protection.

“Manufacturers should not sell products that meet their needs, why? Will continue to monitor the industry and challenge. ”

An Avon spokesperson said: “We have full confidence in our SPF (Sun Protection Factor) test, which is performed in accordance with approved regulatory protocols internationally recognized by external laboratories with specific expertise in performing this type of test .

“We are in the results of our tests, which are performed according to these requirements and shows Avon Sun + Multi Moisturizing Moisture SPF30 have. “