Technology hacks which will bring down your traveling cost


Traveling is fun, traveling is refreshing and is probably a form of adventure everyone craves for. Traveling is just like a wild ride, where you roam, you learn, and you experience the amazing picturesque world has got to offer.

Also, traveling and savings are synonyms to each other. If you are not an extensive traveler then spending more on a single trip won’t be an issue for you. But, if you are a frequent traveler, then saving those precious bucks becomes vital.

Obviously, you don’t need money to have fun in the Bahamas, but still, your trip should agree with your wallet in case you want to be a part of a consistent adventure. Thankfully, technology today has made things a lot more sorted, and easier for most of the backpackers around the world.


For most of us, technology is just picking up the phone and booking a ticket to endless possibilities but, there is surely more to explore. If you look closely, there are a lot more deals and hacks one can easily grab online using your phone or laptop lying beside. These hacks will not only shrink the travel expenses but will also give you something extra to spend.

Compare before you book

If you think the flight you are traveling in, or the hotel you have booked in advance is the cheapest, then you could be wrong. There will always be that one hotel or flight which will cost you less and will grant you the same level of satisfaction. All you need to do is compare.

Go online and search for various travel aggregator portals that allows a comparison between flights, hotels or any other luxury. There are many such portals which will help you bag the right deal, saving a major chunk of your money.

Also, being flexible with travel dates can help you save money. There is always a time in a month when flights and hotels are cheap. Thus, make your bookings at that point in time. This will help you grab great deals.

Get a part-time work      

If you are not a frequent traveler, don’t even bother to read anything penned in this point. Enjoy the lovely weather and show off your bikini body. There is no one stopping you. But in case you are a frequent traveler this point will help you with any of your financial woes.

I know talking about work while traveling is a crime, but this can help you sustain your travel expenses. One of my friends who travel a lot is the master of this art. He provides CDR writing help to engineers and earns a decent amount out of it. His life is great actually.

You can find various work exchange portals where you can easily seek a part-time job once you can prove them your worth. These jobs won’t consume much of your time, and the gigs depend on the type of job.

Blogging is also a great option if you are good with words and photography. There is a huge audience out there who will love to hear out about your adventures and will spam you with likes and comments on your perfectly timed pictures. Though popularizing a blog takes time, but once you start receiving an audience, you can sell your blog’s space for ads.

Plan the whole trip in advance

Technology everywhere, you just need to think. Planning in advance is often advantageous as it not saves time, but also the hard earned money. From getting the right things stacked in your backup to pre-planning the streets you will be roaming at, planning will sort many of your queries.

Online tools like Journey Planning Portal keeps you organized throughout. The tool gives you an insight of the destination you are planning to travel to and will help you find optimal means of traveling. Thus, the next time you travel make sure you plan smart

Lighten up your stuff 

Traveling light is one of the best ways to save money. You should avoid packing anything and everything. Read about the destination you are traveling to through blogs or any other source and then decide what needs to be stacked in your backpack.

Small things can make a huge difference. After you are done the packing, make sure you weigh your luggage once. Traveling with light luggage will not only save your money while boarding but carrying the same to places will also get easier. Thus, you can move around much faster and free.

So the next time if you crave nature and the beautiful feeling of sand beneath your feet, just pack your bags keeping these simple technology hacks in mind and you will be good to go.

Author Bio

Kushagra Gupta is an editor at CDR engineering  Australia since last 2 year and also a journalism student who loves to pen down his thoughts on mental constructs, habits and personal development.  Fan of Warren Buffet