Top 10 Places to Travel in Africa


Travelling has become far easy than ever. You have plenty of information about the internet. One can get in touch with travel experts, reach out to other travel fellows and a lot more is there to guide you through tips and hacks. Plan the best places to go in Morocco, Tanzania, cape town and Algeria, these are some of the amazing budget travel options so, why miss it out.


Global village of the internet has made the world traveling more fascinating, exciting and convenient. People around the globe are more interested in exploring cultures now and they are not just aware of the difference, they also respect them. The world is full of the wonderful places that we are missing while trying to live a healthy and refreshing life in a cubical. Everyone now needs a dreamscape to get away from a horrible work-life. I am saying it horrible because your corporate job is more like a slavery than being a businessman with a fear of failure. Freethinkers can’t get into the box, they always end shoving it up and find their own direction. Anyways, there are some stunning places around the continent of Africa that satisfy the wanderlust and help you dream again.

I am not against the industry job; it is only that some people are not meant to be the part of it. They are free birds who have a complete right to roam around. In this century, you’ve too many options to make a source of income. So, you can’t say that you’re bound of responsibilities. Want something, put some real efforts to get it. See, your mind wants some alone time too. Just don’t become a disappointment for it and live the dream. If you really want to spend a peaceful holiday and need a foreign trip then before booking flight ticket you must apply for visa online.

Dream Places to Plan Your Vacations in Africa

Dream vacation is not that easy to plan. Life is completely unpredictable but we can also get the fun out of it. Choose the enthralling journey, list the wonderful places, choose your itinerary plan and get on the plane. Don’t waste a minute in thinking about other thoughts. It is your journey that you’re supposed to live your way.


  1. Table Mountain, South Africa

Fan of the breath-taking sceneries? There are people afraid of heights that still love adventure. Table Mountain is the stunning place in cape town. It has a cable that let you enjoy the amazing view of the city from the top.

  1. Djemaa el Fna

You will forget about the new your square after visiting the amazing Djemaa el Fna square in Marrakech. The sunset view in this market is amazing. Cultural shows, presentation of Moroccans local lifestyle and the talent of people is worth exploring.

  1. Mountain Gorillas, Rwanda

This is the real fascination around the world. Gorillas are amazing to be the part of wildlife. they live over there, climb up the trees and are preserved really well. Trips are planned by the experienced companies and you have to get along with the people who provide troops to such a place.

  1. Victoria fall, Zimbabwe

One of the famous romantic spot. Couples heaven and the stunning waterfall. If you’re traveling to Zimbabwe, you’re not allowed to miss this spot at all. Waterfall has its own soothing and musical sound that is peaceful too.

  1. Sahara Dunes, Morocco

Sahara is one of the largest deserts in the world. It is charming in its own way, you can plan trips from Marrakech, enjoy a camel or buggy ride. This is must be included in Morocco excursions.


  1. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Pyramids are famous for their history. They were built a long time ago but still have the tourists’attraction and invite people from all over the world. The other Egypt has a modernized view but this specific area reminds you of the industry.

  1. Draa Valley, Morocco

Hiking and biking can be an ultimate love for your amazing vacation plan. People looking for a dream escape, this valley is ideal. This verdant valley is mesmerizing for the travelers. Include it in your bucket travel and enjoy the fun.

  1. Wonders of the Nile, Egypt

I feel like my history book of high school was filled with the places in Egypt. If it is not something that excites or make you curious about the wonders of the world. I don’t know what will do the work.

  1. Fish River Canyon, Namibia

It is stunningly beautiful and an artistic inspiration too. It is one of the largest canyon and challenges you to hike through it. Accept the challenge and you will be left amazed by the experienced.

  1. Flamingos, Kenya

Kenya is famous for the wildlife. This lake gives you chance to observe the beautiful pink bird with all of its glory.


However, it is not only about Africa but the whole world has some amazing places that people are curious about. You can’t just leave your curiously of exploring the world like his but you have to plan a journey. There are companies in the UK helping people to get a fantastic travel experience by planning holidays to Morocco, South Africa, Egypt, Namibia or Kenya. Just choose the best for you and enjoy the fun.

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Hello, Maria is here, a passionate traveler and a blogger. I love reading and then writing down my own opinion. So far, I have been to Morocco and want to share my amazing experience with other beginner travelers. My blogs/articles can help others to save them from the hassles of a journey.