Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Patent Law Firm

Patent Law Firm

Patent Law has been put in place to safeguard an individual’s intellectual property so that no one else can use, make or sell it for a particular period of time. Patent rights are usually given for 20 years. A patent law firm specializes in representing cases that require the acquisition of patent rights. The lawyers here have the specific qualification to help their clients obtain patents.

Patent lawyers are also specialized in dealing with any kind of matter or procedure pertaining to patent law. The matters of patent law are sensitive and it is imperative to choose a patent law firm cautiously. You must do a thorough search about a few patent law firms before you drill down to one. Besides, you must ask a few questions from different law firms before you finalize one in order to ensure you are making the right decision.

Here are the top 10 questions to ask before hiring a patent law firm:

  1. The first and foremost question that you should ask is what educational qualification do the IP lawyers in the firm have that establishes their skill as a patent law firm.
  2. You may have heard about the advantages of filing patent applications and may have an overview of the benefits of acquiring patent rights. However, before finally hiring a patent law firm to accomplish the task for you, it is suggested to ask them about the various benefits of filing a patent application.
  3. Likewise, you must also get a clear idea about the various risks involved in the process.
  4. Does the firm specialize in patent prosecution? How many years of experience does the firm have in patent prosecution and how many patent applications does it usually file in a year?
  5. Ask if the firm is licensed to practice before the USPTO. Also, inquire if it has a good standing with the state bar association and USPTO. 
  6. How many cases have their patent lawyers filed so far and what is their success rate?
  7. What technological fields do their IP lawyers have experience in?
  8. Discuss your case in a brief and ask if any obstacles are anticipated in your case, the intensity of obstacles and how well prepared they are to handle it?
  9. Which IP lawyer from your firm will be taking up my case? Is he a junior attorney or an experienced one? It is suggested to have a one to one round with that patent lawyer before finalizing the firm.
  10. Last but not least you must inquire about the total cost involved in filing a patent application, acquiring patent rights and other procedures involved.