Top 10 reasons to choose react native for apps development

Mobile Apps

Are you planning to launch a startup of mobile apps? Or you want to upgrade your business by adding mobile app add-ons. This article will help you to understand the development process of mobile apps using react native.

Well, currently 2 best approach for building mobile apps native and hybrid. There are many pros and cons of both approaches. Here we bring 10 best reasons you should pick react for next app development

Mobile Apps

React Native is hybrid development frameworks for mobile app development which use react.js for building interactive mobile apps in the hybrid app development Sectors currently this is one of best technology stack for building apps compatible with both devices.  well, Native apps which build using native technology such as, kotlin, swift and hybrid apps build using angular, react etc.

It’s developed by Facebook community developers. Many big companies such that, Facebook, Instagram, sound cloud using react native. Let’s look top 10 reasons of react native

  1. Launch Android/IOS apps using a single code base – This is a single code base can be used to build apps which support both operating systems.  Using react native app development process developer use react js library to create a user interface to launch a mobile app for both platforms. If your apps not having good media library uses then this would be the best choice for app development later you can add native code base if your app grows. The developer can add the library of the native technology stack. this support, objective c, java, swift native base. So if you are not happy with performance wise in the later stage you can upgrade this native solution easily.
  2. Save Dollars – Mobile app development cost was the big concern for first-time founders. App development using its can be the cheap choice and this can save your dollars. Well, as mention above that its not native approach this is the hybrid process which gives compatible native results. As founder, this can be your sure shot approach with reducing the cost of development.
  3. Fairly Stable & document – The big concern in the technology sectors about technology stable. Well, this is backed by big companies facebook as well open source developer community supporting this. React native 0.57 is very well stable.  Document and Github Repository for reducing development time.
  4. App Performs – compare to other hybrid frameworks its leading due to performance compatible native apps. instead of web view react native work on native component
  5. 3rd Party libraries– Every app have some features which can full fill by implementing 3rd party library and Its library incorporate and handle 3rd party libraries smoothly.
  6. Memory – Well, memory in mobile is a crucial part. Its architecture work on the native component which consumes less memory.
  7. Code transfer with multiple members – when app grows multiple team member need to expand app features. Its structure of the module makes this one of the best choices for team works.
  8. App extension – React native allows custom functionality outside apps.
  9. Upgrade and UI – Well, mobile operating systems upgrade with new features and the app build by reacting native stack have options to upgrade code base due to this the technology outdated problem solved.  React UI component has many features to compatible app UI to lower version to higher versions. The inbuilt UI library use for attractive as well sleek design options with compatible latest trends.
  10. Web Project – Well, the web is still king and apps build by reacting can easily be incorporated with web versions. So you can launch web as well as the mobile app using a single code base.

Conclusion – Mention above 10 reasons making one of the top choices for mobile app development company to pick react native for providing cost-effective solutions as well compatible for both android and ios platforms with high performance.