Top 15 Flowers For Winter In Pune


Do you love gifting flowers, or are you hosting events? Are you in Pune? If yes, then you might be looking for flowers that are available in plenty during the winter. Also, if you are a flower lover, then you might want to know what are the best flowers in Pune that you can buy from the online vendors or a florist or in case you have an event or a celebration where you would need flowers. Some of the flowers you will come across in flower arrangements in events are listed below-


  1. Amaryllis winter flowers– In Greek, Amaryllis means ‘to sparkle,’ and these flowers do make the bouquet sparkle, and floral arrangements stand out. These flowers come in various colors like white, red, salmon and pink. They have a subtle fragrance. If you are looking for the best winter flowers for a wedding or event, then Amaryllis should be a part of it.
  2. Anemone– Mostly used for flower beds, flower bouquets, and gift plants, these plants grow during the rainy and the winter months. They come in colors like red, pink, white, purple and blue. If you are looking forward to buying online flowers, then you will find these pretty flowers quite charming.
  3. Aster– These flowers are daisy-like perennials that look like beautiful stars. Asters bloom in almost all seasons, and so they are available in the winter months as well. These flowers look beautiful in vases and bouquets.
  4. Camellia– These are elegant flowers that come in different colors and are mostly used in corsages during weddings and in bouquets. They bloom from October through May and are also known as the queen of winter flowers.
  5. Carnation– These flowers are not just a winter flower, but are available all year round. They are also called “ flower of God.” During winters, you will find these in many different colors like pink, orange, purple, white, red, and yellow. These flowers can be used for wedding decorations, ceremonies, and events.
  6. Daffodil– These are also known and Narcissus and Jonquils. This is a winter bulb and is now available in the Indian winter seasons too. They come in white, yellow, pink, orange, and tricolor. Daffodils make serene bouquets so that you can gift it to your loved ones and are also used for flower arrangements.Flower
  7. Poinsettia– These flowers are mostly sold as potted plants around the time of Christmas. These are also cut and used in bouquets. Poinsettias are most famous and popular for their red color, but these are also found in marbled color, purple, and orange, although these variations of colors are a little difficult to find.
  8. Poppies– These are one of the most popular wildflowers in the US. These have originated in Asia and is also found in Pune and other parts of India. These flowers come in various colors like yellow, orange, pink, purple, and red. For convenient delivery of these flowers, find a reliable online florist.
  9. Ranunculus– These flowers look similar to roses and are way cheaper than them. They bloom from January until May and come in a range of colors like white, orange, yellow, pink and red. These are also great for both bouquets and centerpieces.
  10. Petunia- These are available in a rainbow of colors and are good for planters and hanging baskets. You can brighten up your little garden by planting these flowers.
  11. Sweet Pea– If you are looking for a flower in Pune or in any other part of India that is fragrant and beautiful, then these flowers are the right ones for you. They are available in red, pink, purple and white colors. If you are looking online for winter flowers then you should try Sweet Pea for your garden.
  12. Tulip– These flowers look beautiful in modern-day floral arrangements. These are excellent flower choice for bouquets and table centerpieces. They come in a vast range of colors and are also found in black color.
  13. Wax Flower– These flowers work great as fillers, they look beautiful in the floral arrangements. They come in lavender, pink and white colors and are known for having a citrus aroma.
  14. Snapdragon– Snapdragon is a herbaceous perennial plant with beautiful and breathtaking flowers. The flowers bloom in the winter months and resemble the dragon’s mouth. Their ornamental value makes them popular amongst gardeners. The flowers are white, yellow, or crimson.
  15. Dianthus– These flowers have a sweet fragrance and are grown as annuals, perennial or biennial plants. These flowers are available in India in most online floral stores. If you have a garden, then you can grow these flowers there.


These are some of the flowers you will find in Pune during winter. Choose the ones that suit your taste and spread happiness with these colorful and fragrant flowers.


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