Top 5 Scariest Horror Games in the World


It has been a quiet year for horror games; A few releases and nothing to really stop the presses. Which is probably the best, since we have 5 of the best horror games of all time to work here? These are the best of the best: games that set new standards or simply reach new levels of terror. It takes a special kind of experience to really terrify, and these are the best horror games so far to reach those peaks.


Silent Hill 2:

Horror, your name is Silent Hill 2. The first game was good, but the second was even more terrifying. If you have not played this mark in the video game history, do it now.

The game begins with a mysterious letter from the dead wife of the main character. What will he do, if not try to find his wife? If there is any chance that she is still alive, he is willing to go through hell for her, and he does. For the first part of the game, although all you’re doing is finding keys, Silent Hill is a city that will slide in your mind, not unlike the constant fog that surrounds you.

Resident Evil Series (1-4):

If Silent Hill defined the horror, Resident Evil defined the horror genre FPS. Resident Evil games give you a weapon, say “good luck” and hide enemies in the worst (or best) places. The moment you think you’re safe, a monster comes out and your goal is suddenly horrible. But Resident Evil is not only about scaring, but it also creates an atmosphere.

The games usually create an atmosphere with long corridors, mysterious sounds, and enemies that will make you run in the opposite direction. These monsters are the result of a virus that usually appears as the main antagonist, or at least the thing behind it.

Most Resident Evil games are about secret agents who work to protect experiments on horrible viruses. Things go wrong, as always, and you’re usually struggling to get in or out depending on the game. The monsters will send shivers down your spine, like the winding Executioner who guards the increasingly terrifying Ramon Salazar.

Resident Evil 7:

Although this game is obviously part of the Resident Evil series, it must be listed separately simply because it is the first in the series to enter virtual reality. It was also the first game commercialized for PSVR that anyone thought could be half decent. And the boy blew our minds. If you thought you were scared by other Resident Evil games, Biohazard makes you tremble with your boots.

There is more to be scared than the deformed monsters in this game. Lift the lid of a pot and you will find a swarm of cockroaches, look around a corner and a door will open, a mannequin will move or the old woman will suddenly find herself at the top of the stairs. Then you could get caught up in a psycho’s version of a birthday party.

In addition, virtual reality makes you feel as if you were really there, no matter how much you knew it was a video game. In fact, it has been recommended that the first players play for no more than half an hour at a time in virtual reality. First of all, Biohazard really is scary. Second, virtual reality is an intense experience and can easily overwhelm even the best players.

System Shock 2:

From the brilliant mind of Ken Levine comes System Shock 2, another historical milestone for video games. This game came to the history books due to its solid history, environmental design, and the famous final turn. The story follows an anonymous soldier who wakes up after a genetic infection. One of the survivors, Dr. Janice Polite, gets in touch with you and she gives you your mission: stop the infection, pick up all the remaining survivors and get out of there.


Although simplistic by today’s standards, the System Shock 2 environment created an atmosphere that was not comparable to any other space horror at that time. Crawling through every corridor, listening to what happened before you woke up, all perfected to keep you nervous.

Little Nightmares:

There is a fairytale feeling in the strange world of Little Nightmare, but it is a very unpleasant one. And it’s certainly not suitable for children unless you want to scare them for life. Focusing on a strange little character in a yellow Mac, you have to escape from The Maw, a place never really explained fully of grotesque and trembling creatures to get you out.

Although it has problems, some frustrating perspectives and controls, mainly, the horrible atmosphere and the disgusting distribution make this a great experience of horror. At one point you’re trying to sneak out of the incredibly long arms of a contorted blind man, and the next, you’re escaping a wave of gluttons from obese restaurants. It is eerily beautiful and framed with all the love and care of a twisted animated movie.