Top apps for your Rooted android device


Rooting of the device is very common nowadays due to the limited features of the stock os. Rooting of Android phones, not only gives you more features but you can also improve its performance. Below is the list of the apps that you can use to power up your rooted android device.


  • ExpressVPN Android VPN: VPN apps are an essential tool all Android users need. This is true especially if you have a rooted device since they are less secure than their factory setting counterparts. ExpressVPN provides the what is simply the best Android VPN app in the market; not only does ExpressVPN provide an encrypted tunnel and multiple overseas servers, it also does so better than most competitors due to their emphasis on security and privacy. Supporting almost a hundred regional locations and providing thousands of servers, ExpressVPN’s Android app has an option for everyone.
  • Cinema box HD: Well, this is one of the best apps that you can use to watch movies on your android phones for free of cost. This app is very easy to download and you can use it on your android devices as well on your ios devices. All you have to do is to download cinema box HD from the link given below and install in your phone.  Once it is done, you can enjoy your favorite movies for free of cost.
  • Root Explorer apk: This is the ultimate file manager for root users. Access the whole of android’s file system (including the elusive data folder!). Features include SQLite database viewer, Text Editor, create and extract zip or tar/ gzips files, multi-select, execute scripts, search, remount, permissions and much more. You can use it to change built-in features of Android devices.
  • OneBox HD App:  This app is one of the essential apps for all rooted android phones for unlimited movies and tv shows. OneBox HD App is one of the finest apps to watch movies in offline mode. Once you root your android device, OneBox HD App is the first and foremost app to get installed on your device to watch high-quality movies.
  • Titanium Backup Pro: Titanium Backup Pro for Android – this program is designed for those who like to experiment, or for those who want his system to be always reserved for unforeseen problems, all data must be safely stored and easily recoverable at any time, for convenience and security. Backup and recovery of applications, system applications, services and a variety of settings, a review of backups without unpacking and applications, removing applications from the list for a while from unnecessary eyes, accelerated backup using the HyperShell function, recording application information in the Market Doctor controls links to installed applications, thereby making them visible through the Market in the “downloads” section, for more comfortable tracking of installed programs, you can download this app.
  • Rom Manager Premium: Must have app for any root user. Make backups, flash ROMs, and own your device. ROM Manager is must have app for any Android root user. You can use it to Flash your recovery to the latest and greatest ClockworkMod recovery. This can be used to Manage your ROMs via a handy UI, Organize and perform backups and restores from within Android!, Install ROMs from your SD card and Install your favorite ROMs over the air!

Conclusion: So here was my post on top apps to be used with your rooted android device. This is the list of the best apps that we can use to powerup our mobile experience. The best app among all of them is the cinema box hd because of its small size and better features. But the list doesn’t end here, stay tuned to us for more such apps.