Urge to Urinate but Nothing Comes out of it-What Causes it?

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Did you ever have to leave the chair from an important office meeting just because you have an uncontrollable urge to pee? Or excuse yourself from the dining table with your gorgeous date and rush to the toilet to take a piss? You must have felt regret at losing a prospect of promotion by unceremoniously leaving an important office meeting. It must have been embarrassing to leave your date waiting alone on the dining table.  You have to face Dr. Comfort Diabetic Shoes these undesired shameful incidents just because you frequently and strongly feel an urge to pee. And when you finally reach the loo to relief yourself your urine comes out in little trickles or you feel a burning sensation inside your pubic region. If you regularly face these problems then you should consider having your urinatory system diagnosed by a doctor. These are the following reasons why we often feel an urge to urinate but nothing comes out of it.

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Lack of Water in the Body:

In the blazing heat of the summer season, the sun absorbs a lot of water from our body. This lack of water in the body may result in an inadequate supply of water in our digestive tracts. Water is important for our digestion. Water softens and solutes the food that we eat and disintegrates the nutrients from the food to be carried through the blood. Our urine consists of the excess water left in the body after breaking the food into nutrients. Lack of water in the body is one of the major problems for causing burning sensations in the urinatory tract. Such burning sensations in the urethra, persisting for a long time, is symptomatic to Urinatory tract Infection (UTI). It is one of the major causes why we feel an urge to pee but nothing comes out.

Kidney Stones:

Water also discharges indigestible salts and minerals as unusable waste from the body. Often due to lack of water, such salts and minerals are not flushed out of the body. If these salt and mineral particles are not washed out for a long period of time these salts and minerals may congeal into stones and block the urinary tract. Then even if you will have the urge to urinate nothing will come out.

We commonly refer to such coagulation of salt, acids and minerals as kidney stones. Kidney stones affect the whole urinatory tract. Kidney stones block the unrinatory passage and does not allow urine to pass properly though the urethra. This is one of the major reasons why we feel an urge to pee but nothing comes out.

An unusual amount of salt and mineral particles congealed in the urinatory tract is often the reason why you feel an urge to pee but nothing comes out. Kidney stones often go unnoticed by their victims but once when the stones start moving upwards though the urethra it causes sharp pangs of pain inside the pubic region. If it goes unnoticed and undiagnosed for a long period of time then it may require surgery to remove it.

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Urinatory problems during Pregnancy and Menstruation:

If you have a urge to pee and nothing comes out then this problem might be symptomatic to other more serious problems in the urethra .Especially for women who go through pregnancy. During pregnancy, the uterus expands because of the baby and it exerts pressure on the bladder. Because of this pressure the bladder, Dr. Comfort Diabetic Shoes gets crowded and prevents the pregnant woman from emptying her bladder. Though the over filled bladder also creates the urge to urinate but the pressure of the uterus on the bladder does not allow the mother to relieve herself. It often leads to bacterial growth in the bladder and urethra. And that is why the other often sees that she feels the urge to pee but nothing comes out of it.

Women should also take special care of their vagina during menstruation period as the moist vagina is conducive to bacterial growth. Bacterial growth during the menstruation period may spread inside and cause infection in the urinatory tract. The constant discharge of blood and bodily fluid during the menstruation can also cause the woman to feel an urge to pee but see nothing come out of it.


Radiotherapy in the Pelvic region:

Radiotherapy is the process of using strong energy rays to cure cancer and tumors. Sometimes radiotherapy treatment in the pelvic region causes enormous side-effects on the urinal function of an individual. Emitting strong rays on the delicate pelvic region often harms the bladder and urethra internally. These may cause problems like urinal blood flow, bladder inflammation, frequent urges to go to the toilet etc. Bladder inflammation or Cystitis often creates a frequent urge to go to the toilet. It also causes a burning sensation in the urinatory tract when urine passes through it. If you have given radiotherapy treatment earlier you are likely to face bladder inflammation or Cystitis.

Radio-therapy often weakens the blood vessels by exposing them to strong energy rays. This may often cause the blood to flow down the urethra easily. If you see blood droplets in your urine then you should consult the doctor.

Holding Your Pee for a Long time:

If you are regularly in the habit of holding your pee then it may be one of the main reasons why you feel an urge to pee but nothing comes out. You feel a strong urge to pee when the urine passes from the bladder to your urethra. When you hold or repress your pee then the urine concentrates itself in the urethra. Often it happens that the coagulated urine in the urethra remains for a long time and the waste salt particles and minerals congeal into stones. Holding your pee often for a long period of time also causes kidney stones.

Increase in Blood Glucose levels and Urine Glucose levels in Diabetic Patients:

Increase in the blood sugar levels often affect the kidney leading to Urinatory Tract Infection (UTI). Diabetic patients frequently feel the urge to because of the concentrated amount of indigested sugar condensed in their urinatory tract. Diabetes often leads to high-level of increase in blood glucose levels and urine glucose levels which attracts bacterial growth in the urinatory tract. This bacterial growth often leads to infection in the urethra causing burning sensations in the urinatory tract. Increasing levels of blood glucose levels and urine glucose levels often causes the diabetic patient to feel the urge to pee but nothing comes out of it.

Enlargement of the Prostate Gland:

Most man constantly feels the urge to pee and nothing comes out of it because of their enlarged prostate. The prostate gland secretes fluids which nourishes the sperm. Man’s urethra runs between the center of the prostate hence enlargement of the prostate often leads to a block in the flow of urine through the urethra. Enlargement of the prostate is the part of a natural aging process in man. When the prostate enlarges to such an extent that it begins to exert pressure on the bladder man feels like peeing. But as the urine flow is blocked through the passage of the urethra the man may feel the urge to pee but nothing comes out of it.

Excessive Caffeine and Alcohol intake:

Our urinal function is also affected by excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine beverages. Alcohol and caffeine beverages are diuretics. These products absorb large amounts of water from the body but also create new discharge of waste. Therefore people who frequently drink caffeine beverages and alcohol are prone to suffer from urinal incontinences. Excessive amount of alcohol consumption may cause a person to urinate but nothing will come out of it because alcohol absorbs large amounts of water from the body.

Stress and Anxiety:

Stress and anxiety may also cause you to feel a strong urge to pee frequently. Anxiety creates a sense of over-heightened disturbance in the organ system. The erratic over-functioning nervous system of a person going through stress often elicits a fight or flight response triggering the wish to urinate.

When should you go Visit a Doctor:

Urinatory problems can be very painful but some people neglect at is as a passing condition. Because of this negligent attitude, the symptoms often goes undiagnosed until it turns chronic and injures the patient greatly. These happens mostly in the cases of patients suffering from UTC (Urinatory Tract Infection) and Kidney Stones. If you are constantly suffering from painful burning sensations inside your pubic region then you should consult with a doctor. Prevention is always better than cure. If these symptoms are not diagnosed then they may lead to Urinal tract damage

Women who are going through pregnancy must consult the doctor if they feel pain in their urethra and bladder. They should avoid chilly, spicy and hot food which causes urinal problems. Any signs of abnormal pain in the lower region of the abdomen should be informed to the doctors.

Diabetic patients should check their blood and urine glucose levels frequently. If the increase in these levels goes unchecked then it may grow into a chronic urinatory infection.

You should surely go consult with a doctor if you find that urinal incontinences are leading to abrupt weight loss and discharge of fluids from the penis or vagina and growing fever. If you see blood flowing with your urine then you should definitely see the doctor. Urine incontinences are often the markers of more serious diseases like bladder cancer.