What to Expect on your Trip to Kerala



All of us do adequate research before starting our trip to any new destination. When talking about Indian cities, each of them holds something peculiar to amaze the visitors, and each of them has a distinct lifestyle. So, it’s a good idea to acquire proper knowledge about what can you expect from a particular city you are planning to visit.

If you are up for a Kerala tour, then you are on the right page to gather accurate information about this fascinating city. Now let’s know in depth about the beauty and charms of Kerala.

Kerala’s Location:

Kerala is a South Indian state located on the Malabar Coast. The city is mainly famous for its green and clean environment, natural charms, beaches, backwaters, hill stations and lakes.

People who are looking for a relaxing yet beautiful natural destination with moderate weather conditions must visit Kerala. Whether you are on a solo trip, family trip or honeymoon, this destination can be perfect for you.

Kerala’s weather:

The climate of Kerala is mainly tropical due to its equatorial location. The combination of mountains and backwaters make the weather lovely for travelling. The hilly places remain comparatively cool than the coastal region which is humid due to the presence of the Arabian Sea.

Summer: The summers in Kerala starts from February and remains till the end of May. The temperature ranges between 32 to 36 degrees which makes the city quite hot. But, this weather is good for enjoying the backwaters or exploring beaches. People usually visit Kerala in this season.

South West Monsoon: Kerala receives heavy rain in the months of June to September. The atmosphere is cool with a temperature range of 19 to 30 degrees. You won’t be able to explore properly due to rainfall during these months.

North East Monsoon: The rainfall becomes slightly low, and temperature rises from 29 to 36 degrees. The humid surroundings with slow rain make it difficult for travellers to visit every part of Kerala.

Winter: The winters are not so cold in Kerala and considered the best season to explore the city. The weather remains pleasant ranging between 18 to 28 degrees temperature. Travel agencies conduct most of the Kerala tours in this season.

Kerala’s Cuisine:

The food of Kerala is as distinct as its natural beauty. You can expect a large variety of food options on your trip to Kerala. The culinary options range from gourmet seafood recipes to purely vegetarian south Indian food served on banana leaves. The main ingredients of any dish include dairy products, plantains, various spices, gourds, coconut and yam.

The tasty breakfast options in Kerala are varied from any other city with dishes like Idli, Dosa, Appam, Puttu, idiyappam etc. A common meal in Kerala is made up of rice, fish, vegetables and beef. So, Kerala holds lip-smacking cuisine for vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian tourists.

Budget for Visiting Kerala:

It’s good to have a rough idea of daily average expenses of a tourist in Kerala. You would be able to plan in a better way after knowing this.

Accommodation: For 3-star hotels, the average daily expense will be around 2500/-, for 4-star stay it will be around 3000/- and for 5 stars around 5000/-. The rates are mentioned for double sharing rooms. You can calculate as per your team strength and choose accordingly.

Local Transportation: You can opt taxi or auto rickshaw for travelling to nearby places. Apart from it, you can cover long distances by local buses or cabs or local trains. Minimum average expense on travel will be around 1500/-.

Meals: your meal will cost around 1800/- for a day. It will vary according to restaurant and food choice.

Sightseeing: You can explore various places of Kerala even in a moderate budget. You will have to spend around 700/- per day for sightseeing.

Houseboat Stay: Houseboat stay in the backwaters of Kerala is one of the unique types of experience. Most tourists spend at least one night in the houseboat. The prices range from 7,000/- to 10,000 on the basis of houseboat size.


Top Places in Kerala:

Every traveller loves to explore different type of places. Considering this, we are jotting down the main destinations category wise from which you can choose according to preference.


The panoramic beaches of Kerala should be on the top of your travel list. The cool breezes, shining water waves, light coloured soft soil and its smell after merging with water are the things which attract every visitor to beaches of Kerala. To get the relaxing vacation vibes, you can visit some top beaches like Marari Beach, Alleppey Beach, Kovalam Beach, Bekal Beach and Muzhappilangad Beach.

Backwaters Destinations:

Backwaters are one of the prime reasons because of which Kerala is known as ‘God’s own country’. Located between the Arabian see in the west and the Western Ghats in the east, Kerala offers an awesome opportunity to view the backwaters. People go to these backwaters destinations for sightseeing, houseboat stay and enjoying sunsets. Some of the best backwaters places are Alleppey, Kollam, Kumarakom, Kuttanad and Kasaragod.


Hill Stations:

Kerala is also blessed with lush green mountains and hill stations. People come here to witness the bountiful gifts of nature such as beautiful sunrise, mesmerizing sunsets, tea plantation, waterfalls and caves. You can choose from a variety of hill stations. Few of them are Wayanad, Munnar, Vagamon, Ponmudi and Idukki.

Things to do in Kerala:

·        Go for elephant bathing in Kodanad.

·        Stay in the Houseboat.

·        Experience the lakes through Shikara rides.

·        Watch the snake boat races.

·        Go for bird watching.

·        Take jungle jeep ride to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

·        Watch Kathakali performance.

·        Indulge in village life.

·        Enjoy bamboo rafting.

·        Relax with an Ayurvedic massage.

Feeling excited about all of these? Yes, all this information must be tingling a desire in you to visit this amazing destination as soon as possible. Now don’t waste time, a mind-blowing tour to Kerala is waiting for you!