Why parents should know what apps their kids are using

Why Parents Should Know What Apps Their Kids are Using

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The digital world is fascinating for kids. There are unlimited opportunities, ideas, fun activities, facts, gossip, etc. that kids crave very often.

Teens not only try to dress up like adults, at times they imitate adults mobile phone activities as well. Well, the question that arises now, is that a healthy habit?

We cannot separate mobile phones from kids, but monitoring their uncontrollable addiction is necessary. Thankfully, technology has blessed us with child safety apps that can impose parental control measures on your child. Have you used parental control apps yet?

Smartphone addiction

If you look closely, smartphones have uncountable benefits. Your day to day work is broken down into simpler tasks by the use of mobile apps. Isn’t it?

Well, smartphones are a mandatory component in our lives. It is inevitably our multitasking buddy!

The, why do we want teenagers to maintain distance?

Negative impacts of smartphones on Teenagers

impacts of smartphones on Teenagers

Concerned parents are trying their best to prevent children from digital devices, but it is already an integral part of their life causing several tangible and non-tangible issues in kids.

Here are some more negative impacts smartphones have left on our kids:

  1.    Kids are suffering from innumerable health issues because of smartphones.
  2.    A heavy dose of virtual networking has brought down real-world socialization.
  3.    Social media impacts teenagers in weird ways. Many teenagers are suffering from depression and anxiety due to misleading posts and friends.
  4.   Cyberbullying has victimized many teenagers online. Kids get swayed by online strangers and end up in a compromised situation.  
  5.    Smartphone addiction is the biggest reason for distraction in a kid’s academic life. While kids are busy with mobile games and social friends, their studies get entirely neglected.

All these problems have risen due to excessive indulgence in smartphone apps. Let us see which category of apps are most harmful to pre-teens and teenagers.

Which apps do your teens need protection from?

  1.    Gaming apps

Games are a child’s best friend. Every kid in the world is glued to a specific mobile game without a doubt. It is okay to have mobile games in life, but the type of games and intensity of gaming is the biggest concern.

Kids indulging in MOMO challenge and Blue Whale challenge have gone through tremendous psychological trauma. Addictive games like PUBG, Minecraft, GTA Vice City, etc. have taken a toll on kid’s academics as well as health. Plenty of games are responsible for turning kids into an aggressive and violent person.

We believe kids need to engage in gaming activities which are appropriate for their age.

  1.    Dating apps

To get the “Cool” tag in their friend circle, teenagers often start dating through adult dating apps only to realize the dark side of the world.

Many countries encourage dating apps like Tinder, Happn, Match, etc. exclusively for adults looking for a companion in a new city. Kids, however, misuse the app to find love and end up in a painful situation.

  1.    Social media apps

We strongly recommend pre-teens to stay away from social addiction (once in a while take charge of parent’s social media accounts under their supervision). Teens may jump into the social media world but with limited access or parental control. Makes sense?

Remember, what social media displays is filtered and deceptive most often, getting drifted by social media posts can harm your relationship and your peaceful mind.

  1.   Chatting sites

Online chatting rooms like Hike, Messenger, Kik, etc. offer an accessible platform for strangers to get in touch with any target. Many online predators use soft targets on online chat rooms to get personal images and information to misuse them elsewhere. Be cautious!

How can you protect your kids from inappropriate apps?

There are several ways you can save your kids from the dangers of the mobile application world:

  1.    Proactive parenting– Talk often to your kids about the cyber world threats and prepare them for any uninvited situation. Create awareness amongst your kids about inappropriate and addictive apps at the right age.
  2.    Crisis management– Your kids should know whom to approach in case of any cybercrime or bullying.
  3.    Host Get together – As parents, you can encourage the idea of friend’s get-togethers. Divert your kids’ mind from social networking to real-world networking. Teenage House parties are exciting, even under parental supervision!
  4.   Involvement in sports– Inculcate the habit of physical exercise and sports since the infancy of your kid. The sooner they start loving outdoor sports, the later they start enjoying indoor mobile games.
  5.    Add educational apps– One important perception parents can help kids build the purpose of having phones. Create an image in your kid’s mind that phones are meant for learning purpose. keeping your child safe on the internet  Its use should be limited to education, entertainment, any which way their peers will introduce.

Block Application using Bit Guardian Parental Control App

Parental control apps solve the ultimate problem of installation of inappropriate apps.

Bit Guardian Parental Control app offers an innovative way to control and manage your kids’ mobile apps.

Parents can block applications which seem unnecessary at that age. Even better, prevent the app installation store. If your kids want to download a new app, they can request the parent for permission. Fair enough, right?

Secure teens with parental software and save their bright, healthy future smartly.