5 things every Wikipedia writer needs to avoid

Living in the Internet age, the need to have visibility and existence in the cyber space is a must for businesses and individuals alike. What’s the first thing we do when we want to know about someone or when we want to gather information on someone or something? Yes, we either pull out our smartphones and search the web or search the web using our laptops, tablets or desktops. From information available on search engines to the information we get through social media, is a must for us all and if one isn’t available on the internet it’s like one is a ghost.

There are some platforms which are better than others when we’re gathering information or conducting research. The availability of accurate and unbiased information makes life easier for students working on their assignments to professionals looking to assemble reports.

The best place to gather such information, which is both authentic and unbiased, would undoubtedly be the online encyclopedia known as Wikipedia. A platform that itself serves as a source of knowledge and information for most of the people around the world.

Now, most individuals and businesses want to be visible on this platform. This serves them well when it comes to indirect marketing and providing authentic information about themselves or their companies or businesses. Therefore individuals and businesses alike are, nowadays, very much concerned about having a Wikipedia page that tells the world about them and/or about their companies.

There are two options or ways which are available for people who are looking to get on Wikipedia. They can either create the page and write themselves or they can get services from a professional Wikipedia page writing services. In both the cases there are certain rules every writer needs to follow in order to their work approved and published on a Wikipedia page.

Writing a Wikipedia page is not the same as writing a report at for your office or writing an article for a magazine. One might be a skilled writer but still might not be able to get their work approved by a Wikipedia page.

Here are some simple things that every Wikipedia writer must avoid so that their chances of getting there work approved increase exponentially.

Misinformation: Writers need to avoid giving information that not true or isn’t supported by accurate facts. This is the reason why a good professional Wikipedia writer will always conduct a thorough research of the topic he or she is going to write on. You will also notice that good Wikipedia writers always use citations to authenticate the information that they are providing. Supporting your information through citations helps in authenticating a particular article or piece and the more authentic the information given the better it is for the writer.

Avoid using unreliable sources for information: Wikipedia is a platform that serves as source of information for most people in the world. People trust the information available on Wikipedia. It’s an image that has been made after many years of providing information and knowledge that is accurate and factual. Most professional writers which write for Wikipedia pages are expected to maintain this standard of accuracy therefore a good writer will never use information that is taken from an unreliable source. This will not only become a reason for their work to get disapproved but also will be a stain on their reputation.

Avoid giving opinions: People who use Wikipedia for knowledge, use it purely for its impartial and unbiased information. Professional Wikipedia writers and editors are always careful about their tone and avoid getting biased when writing about a certain topic. Even if there are two schools of thoughts in a certain topic, that need to be described, a seasoned writer will avoid writing in a way in which one school of thought seems better than the other.

Avoid getting sidetracked from the rules and regulations: If you want to make sure that your article or work gets approved by Wikipedia than the simplest way for that would be to follow their rules. You cannot hope to get your work published if you follow their policies and guidelines. Wikipedia does not approve work that is not according to their standards. The best way to make sure to get your work approved would simply be to learn the five basic principles of Wikipedia writing and editing. Following them religiously will ensure the approval or your article/work.

Regular updates: After getting your work approved and published, being a professional writer and/or editor, you’re supposed to regularly update your work. Keeping the information on the page regularly up to date makes the information provided more reliable. Most inexperienced writers don’t regularly update their work but that’s exactly what makes a seasoned writer different from an inexperienced one.