What do women really want by men?

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Sex always starts off as fun at first, but how can you keep her satisfied in the bedroom in the long-run? Find out here from Escorts Berkshire.

There was a study carried out recently that found 83% of people are usually happy with se for the first six months. That figure drops to 27% of women who said that they were sexually satisfied after that initial six months period.

This is a worrying drop from a high 83% to a low 27%. So how can you improve your performance to make sure your partner is satisfied during sex?

A new study published in The Journal of Sex Research has the answers….

The study found that couples who gave and received more oral-sex experienced regular orgasms and had sex more reported feeling happier in their relationships.

While acting out crazy sexual fantasies and experimenting with different sex positions also kept the lust alive.

Setting the mood with candles or sending saucy texts earlier in the day, are also great ways to keep the spark alive. Women take a lot longer to get warmed up so getting her thinking about sex earlier in the day will help prolong the build-up.

The study was carried out in the US and 38,747 couples participated in the study. The team also discovered that affection is extremely important when it comes to satisfying sex. The couples who said “ I love you” and kissed and cuddled more often reported being happier with their sex lives than the ones who didn’t.

Assistant professor of psychology at Chapman University and lead author of the study, David Frederick, Ph.D., said: “Almost half of the satisfied and dissatisfied couples read sexual self-help books and magazine articles, but what set sexually satisfied couples apart was that they actually tried some of the ideas.” So if you want to keep your partner happy sexually, be more affectionate, tell her you to love her, experiment and don’t forget the importance of foreplay.

And when it comes to what women look for in a potential partner, the answers might surprise you. It seems like men can put down the weights and grab another slice of cake because women don’t want tall, handsome, ripped guys.

The Thought Catalogue asked ladies what they find attractive in the opposite sex and here are some of their stranger preferences.

One woman in her thirties admitted that she did not like men who were fit. whiles another said she preferred someone who was shorter than herself.

Tierra, 28, said  “I actually like guys my height or shorter. So many people are shocked by that, but for some reason, I really like the way it feels.” She also said, ”Guys who feel ‘compact’ if that makes any sense. I’ve always liked the slightly muscular, shorter guy look. For the record, I’m 5ft 7.”

A different study revealed that women are less like to cheat on men with small penises.

Yes, you read that right – the larger your package, the more likely your partner will be dissatisfied in the bedroom.

Who knew being shorter, fatter and lacking in the trouser department was a good thing? So you if you slightly feel insecure about you hight, your beer belly or your penis don’t. If this study is anything to go by then the world is your oyster! You can have your pick of women.

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